Glass Worldwide Article – June 2022

4 August 2022

Bottero and Tiama had an exchange with Glass Worldwide about how they decided to create as a joint venture, gathering their know-how in process automation and AI.


Here is an abstract of this exchange:

“Today’s glass market is increasingly driven by the need for higher production efficiency, reduced environmental impact and increased overall safety for operators. Acquiring/ building know-how is becoming a challenge: the industry is losing experienced personnel while new technologies require the development of specific competencies. Bottero and Tiama believe that automation built on data processing is the key to answer to such emerging needs. In this new, highly demanding context, aims to:

• Provide solutions to automatically manage the forming process according to the production targets.

• Contain environmental impacts through energy saving, lightweighting and resource optimization.

• Reduce exposure of operators to machine adjustments via automatic controls

• Compensate the loss in process know-how leveraging on the deployment of Artificial Intelligence technologies.”


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