The name says it all

Glass Form Artificial Intelligence

Our mission is to offer you

full automation in glass forming.

A plug-in, open-protocol digital platform… nothing less than fully functional A.I. that links the sensors of inspection systems with production machines and transfers information that is automatically acted upon.

Products designed with your objectives in mind


Close the loops

Closing loops by linking the sensors with production machines that automatically act upon information


Raising your productivity levels by improving the production performance


An A.I. platform suitable for any glass machinery and compatible with all sensors


Creating a safer operational environment for operators


Supporting today’s production staff and gearing for tomorrow’s workforce


An automation software closing the loops on the gob forming process.


A.I. that controls the forming process to automatically improve its overall stability and reduce critical forming defects.

Too good to be true?

Without in-depth knowledge of the hollow glass forming process combined with automation and sensor expertise, backed by a vast experience in both hot and cold end inspection it wouldn’t be possible.

Fortunately is backed by two major market players: Bottero and Tiama – both with expertise in glass forming, process automation and artificial intelligence.

In fact, our inspiration comes from successful products such as BoX, MWM (Multi Weight Management) and ECO-system and we are taking those concepts and your productivity to a new level.


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