Your goals are our driving force

“Closed loops” need no longer be a distant objective or buzz words.

separator offers quality control combined with automatic machine adjustment, leading to an increase in overall productivity through reduction of wastage, improvement of your glass, glass weight reduction and optimisation of the production processes. This also means a reduction of emissions due to a better pack-to-melt ratio. It’s our “clear view of tomorrow”.

Close the loops

Closing loops by linking the sensors with production machines that automatically act upon information


Raising your productivity levels by improving the production performance


An A.I. platform suitable for any glass machinery and compatible with all sensors


Creating a safer operational environment for operators


Supporting today’s production staff and gearing for tomorrow’s workforce

A.I. built to work for you

because we know the challenges


The average of 15% productivity loss in glass plants can be drastically reduced by moving from a reactive approach based on an empirical process to a statistical, well mastered and fully automated model. The development of the products is based on your needs: not only to help you meet challenges but to fit seamlessly into YOUR process.

So, when we say that it’s built for you, we mean that it is open to any and all IS machines and sensors on the market because you need something that adapts to your environment and not the other way around.

Most importantly, we see it as a support system for the production managers that creates a safer environment for the operators of today and is geared to the workforce of the future.

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